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  • This archival quality, lustre finish print measures 18x24 inches. Signed and numbered by the artist.
  • Limited to only 25 copies.
  • I am also offering an ultra-rare Artist Edition, measuring 20x30.
  • Limited to only 10 copies.


Special thanks to the following people for their generous support through my Patreon . You all helped make this painting a reality:


Philip J Elsner
David Rosciszewski
Genaro Morales, Jr.
Rutger Muijen
Lynn Reed
Sarah Becker
Raberta Gannon
Jiahui Shi
Ravi Vemula
Joe Countryman
Eric Messinger
Aaron Miller

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The fire that cleansed the region was birthed from the very soil that sustained the inhabitants for generations. Perhaps they should have cultivated a tolerance for the yoke rather than planting the seeds of dissent? That is not for me to judge.


What is clear is that the moment that Volcanis arrived was the moment that their nascent rebellion was quelled. The descendants of the few survivors there were, will tell tales filled with earth and fire, chaos and destruction, and of the  brave souls that led them to safety. Those tales may yet lead to inspire leaders to rise up and change the world.

Even in the face of destruction and turmoil, life and rebirth find a way.