Here Be Dragons

There is a world that has been growing in my mind, lurking around in my thoughts and caressing my ideas for years. Blood of Dragons is my undertaking to explore this world through my art. 

The Blood of Dragons will depict the art and writings of the wold that has been (and still is) growing in my mind. It is a setting ravaged by the worlds-spanning Draconis Imperium, and the victims that lie in their wake. Its about cults that seek a path to power through helping these irresistible creature. It is about Wizard families and members of mystical warrior bloodlines that would defend against them.  

It will also seek to explore the question of what happens when the Dragons come to modern day Earth. 

What happens when magic returns to the world?

Here be Dragons.

Tyler Walpole has a career in creating pop culture artwork and illustrations for comics, gaming and the movie industry spanning 15 years. Clients include Marvel, DC, Warner Bros. Animation, Blizzard Entertainment, Wizards of the Coast, and Paizo. To see more of his client work, visit